Learn how to design a landing page and run a sales ad campaign on Facebook in the shortest and easiest way without running behind others

Learn everything from buying domain hosting, landing page design, landing page content writing, Facebook pixel setup, running sales ads on Facebook, etc. in one course. If you don't join the course now, you may not get this offer later.

Know the secret of designing a landing page in one click and design a landing page for your business in no time.

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Why learn landing page design yourself?

  • If you design a landing page with someone else, you have to depend on him for a little editing later
  • Every time you hire a developer to create a landing page, you have to spend money
  • If you have a problem, you can get quick support from us, you can join a very supportive community
  • There is no need to get bored by repeatedly chatting with the customer in the inbox by running the message add
  • You get the opportunity to network with many more online entrepreneurs like you
  • Landing page design, pixel setup, conversions don't have to run behind others to run ads

A ready-made template worth Rs 3000 is free

If you enroll in the course, you will get a ready-made landing page template worth 3000 rupees absolutely free. Using which you can create a landing page in one click, you don't have to design from scratch

What can you learn from this course?

See, you will learn a lot inshallah. In short, I am presenting something.
  • Get detailed idea about landing page
  • Domain - You can know what hosting is, where to buy from
  • You can learn how to buy domain hosting by yourself without anyone's help
  • Learn how to use cPanel for domains and hosting servers
  • Learn how to install WordPress, the world's most popular CMS
  • Learn how to create and use business email
  • Learn to work with WordPress themes, plugins
  • Learn how to use WooCommerce plugin, Cartflows plugin
  • Learn how to use the Elementor Page Builder
  • Learn how to set up a complete landing page from scratch
  • Learn how to set up a one page checkout order form
  • Learn to check and manage the order after it arrives
  • Learn how to set up security to protect your website from hackers
  • Learn how to open a Facebook Business Manager account
  • Learn how to add account setup and add cards
  • Learn domain verification and pixel setup
  • Learn how to run sales ads on Facebook and Other Plateform
  • Apart from this, there are many more tips and tricks

Take a look at what our students say about us:

Is the course live or recorded?

The course is a recorded video tutorial course. After you join the course a login details will be sent to your email. By logging into our website with those login details, you can watch the video. Note: You can only login to any one device, not multiple devices and must do so from your computer. Please, don't login with mobile (because small screen won't understand well, video will be buffering).

How to provide support?

There are private support groups on Facebook for support. If you have a problem, write the details or record a video and post there, our support team will try to support you as soon as possible. Will call if needed, come to teamviewer/anydesk and give you live support, InshaAllah.


Timings of Live Support: 10 AM – 6 PM.

How many days is the duration of the course?

The package you enroll in will get video access to the course and access to the support group for the duration of that package. You will get details about the package above the check out form.

Who can join the course?

Those who are already doing business online, have run few ads on Facebook, can benefit the most from the course.


Those who have never done online business can know and learn the course topics from here, but it depends on you whether you can use it or not.

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